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Kids Club meets from 6:30-8:00pm on Wednesday evenings and is for  kids ages 6 weeks-5th grade. Kids Club is bible-based and an award/incentive  program which  means that children will have the opportunity to earn badges/stickers as they complete each unit. For this reason, it is important to have your child attend each week so they can stay on track. We understand that life happens and if your child has to miss a week, their teacher will help them get caught up - with your help. 

There is a registration fee of $50 per student and it covers everything they will need for the year including a student handbook, t-shirt, awards/badges and classroom supplies. There is no fee for our youngest members (ages 6 weeks - 1 year old). 

Classes are divided by age as follows:

Nursery - ages 6 weeks to 1 year

Skippers - ages 2-3 years

Scooters - ages 4 - PreK

Hikers - K-1st Grades

Adventurers - 2nd-3rd Grades

Navigators - 4th-5th Grades



Kids should wear their club shirt each week (it's okay if they don't). Classrooms do not open until

6:15pm as teachers are preparing for class and we ask that you honor their time. When you arrive, check in at the Children's Check-In counter and place your child's label on their shirt. You will keep the parent pick-up label and bring it with you to pick-up your child. Once classrooms are open, you may take your child to the designated classroom.

During class, your child will be singing bible songs, hearing bible stories, learning bible verses (memory verses), doing crafts, and learning life skills (baking, art, first aid, etc...) all at an age appropriate level.

We are very excited about this journey and are happy to partner with you. The best part is that while kids are having fun in their classrooms, there are classes and groups for adults and parents at the same time. So check your kids into class and then join a group or class yourself. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at

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