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Victory Bible Training Center is an independent educational ministry and is thoroughly biblical in its philosophy of education. VBTC is a ministry to the local church, directly under is own auspices, and has no direct affiliation with any other ecclesiastical organization. Our primary commitment is to serve the local church in the greater Kitsap County community and its leadership by enabling them to educate and train their members for Kingdom service.

Degree Program

We offer the following degrees:

Diploma of Theology (30 credits)

Associates of Theology (60 credits)

Bachelors of Theology (126 credits)

Masters of Theology (171 credits)

Masters of Divinity (216 credits)

Doctor of Ministry (261 credits)

Doctor of Theology (306 credits)

In-Person Class Format:

Classes are offered one weekend a month for a total of 10 instruction hours.

Classes are held on the weekend that has the third Saturday of the month.

Thursday, 7pm-10pm

Friday, 7pm - 10pm

Saturday, 9am-1pm

There are no classes in December or August.

Online Class Format:

Classes are offered at your convenience and can be accessed

whenever it works for your schedule. You can follow the class schedule

that the in-person class is doing or you can choose your own classes.

Once you start a class, you have 45 days to complete it.

In each class you will watch 10 hours of video lectures followed by an examination.

Tuition and Fees:

There is a one-time registration fee of $25 to enroll in VBTC.

Class fee for credit (3 credits) is $150.00

Class fee for audit w/books is $85.00

No degrees or certificates will be issued until a final payment has been received.

2023-2024 In-Person Class Schedule:

(all classes are 3 credits and are video courses)

September 14 - You Can Have A Happy Life

October 19 - Paul - The Man

November 16 - New Testament Theology

January 18 - Transformers: Local Congregations as Agents of Community Transformation

February 15 - Davidic Worship: Tabernacle of David

March 14 - The Study of Paul's Epistle to the Philippians

April 18 - Biblical Building Blocks for Marriage and Family

May 16 - Old Testament Theology

June 13 - The Book of Ephesians

July 18 - Systematic Theology 2

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