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We have several opportunities for individuals to deepen their knowledge of the Bible and the christian faith in both theological and practical ways. We believe it is essential for the born-again believer to "renew their mind" to the things of God as well as to "study to show themselves approved...". Learning the principles and wisdom of God is something that will help in every area of life - physical, emotional, financial, and spiritual. We hope you can find an avenue that will meet your needs and work with your schedule.

Bible Study in Port Orchard
Men's Breakfast in Port Orchard
Adult education at church in Port Orchard


We offer core classes that are designed to help individuals and families in very practical ways. These classes include topics such as finances, marriage, relationships and parenting. We offer them twice a year in the Spring and Fall.


To assist you in becoming a successful Christian, we have the Success Institute. We offer two certificate programs: The Christian Living Certificate which equips you to apply the teachings of the bible to your everyday life. Topics include marriage, finances, parenting, and healthy living. The Christian Worker's Certificate helps you discover God's unique purpose and plan for your life and equips you to live it out to your fullest potential. Topics include the Holy Spirit, faith, righteousness, giving, serving and much, much more. Classes are open to everyone and you can jump in anytime.


Family Worship Center exists to raise up a new generation of Spirit-filled, transformational leaders for life-impacting ministry. We do this by focusing on developing individuals who are called to full-time, part-time and volunteer ministry. Our goal is to equip leaders with solid, Biblical convictions, theological foundations, healthy culture and vital leadership principles for anointed impact in ministry.

The Ministry Academy provides students with the opportunity to integrate what they learn in the classroom with practical experience. Students are offered valuable opportunities for supervised ministry training in field settings to gain experience and greater competency as ministry leaders. The strategic weekly involvements allow students first-hand experience in the ministry and leadership culture of Family Worship Center. In this way, students are exposed to the diverse ministry challenges found in a dynamic, healthy, and grow


Victory Bible College is an independent educational ministry and is thoroughly biblical in its philosophy of education. VBC is a ministry to the local church, directly under is own auspices, and has no direct affiliation with any other ecclesiastical organization. Our primary commitment is to serve the local church and its leadership by enabling them to educate and train their members for Kingdom service. We offer everything between certifications to doctorate degrees in theology.

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