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K - 5th Grade

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Kids will have fun, be safe and learn about Jesus!

Our elementary classroom is for children in grades K-5 and we call it "Kids Church".

At Family Worship Center, our team members are eager to tell the story of Jesus 

and bring the Bible to life - and we have fun doing it!

Our classroom schedule  is full of stimulating activities that teach children about God.

The schedule is as follows: Welcome, games, memory verse, worship, offering,

message/story, recap and review, and parent pick-up.

We happily welcome children 30 minutes before church starts and we ask that you promptly pick up

your child when the service ends. We understand that mornings can be difficult with young

children. However, we strongly encourage you to drop your child off within the first 15 minutes of service starting while the

class is still in free time. This helps minimize distractions and helps maintain our classroom schedule and structure.


What do I need to bring/supply for my child?

Our classroom is equipped with everything your child will need for our services. 

We encourage students to bring their bibles and any money offerings that they want to give.

Will I be contacted if my child needs me during the service?

Yes! If your child cannot settle down, gets hurt or just needs you, we will either send you a text (if you provide us with a number) or someone will come get you.

Who is allowed to pick up my child?

When you check-in your child to class, a "pick-up" label will be printed along with your child's label. It is up to the parent to decide who can pick up their child by giving them the pick-up label. We ask that no one under twelve years old is sent to pick up a child. Children will not be released without the pick-up label. If you lose your pick-up label, go to the welcome center and they will get you a new one after they verify your identity.

We look forward to sharing Jesus with your little one! 

We hope to see you on Sunday!

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