30DC 2019.png


Join us for our annual 30 Day Challenge

September 1 - 30, 2019

The whole purpose of the 30DC is to help us set up some good habits going into the fall season. Summber bbq's are over, the kids are going back to school and for many, it's back to a more structured routine. We want to go into the season with a renewed focus on our faith and relationship with God.

Each person is unique and each has unique struggles. Using this guide, everyone gets to decide how to fill in the blanks for some of the challenge items.

And please...feel free to customize this for you!

30DC Guidelines:

1. No ________ for 30 days (tv, social media, sugar, coffee, etc...)

2. I will spend a minimum of _______ minutes in prayer and bible study everyday for 30 days.

3. I will read one chapter of Proverbs everyday for 30 days.

4. I will read Genesis and the gospel of John in 30 days.

5. I will the entire book "Greater" by

Steven Furtick in 30 days.