The FWC Mission:

"Leading all people to a successful Christian life."

To assist you in becoming a successful Christian, we have the Success Institute.

We offer two certificate programs:

The Christian Living Certificate

Equipping you to apply the teachings of the bible to your everyday life.

Topics include marriage, finances, parenting, and healthy living.

The Christian Worker's Certificate

Helping you discover God's unique purpose and plan for your life and equipping

you to live it out to your fullest potential.

Topics include the Holy Spirit, faith, righteousness, giving, serving 

and much, much more.

The year is divided into quarters as follows:

Fall Quarter:  September 11 - November 11

Winter Quarter: January 8 - March 11

Spring Quarter: April 8 - June 17

Between classes and quarters, students are welcome to join the

Adult Bible Study located in room 107.

2019-2020 Class Schedule:

Fall: Restoration of Men II, How To Study Your Bible, Heaven, Power of the Blood, Righteousness 101

Winter: Fasting, Successful Living, Angels, Faith 101: The Story Begins

Spring: Christian Perspectives, Biblical Integrity, Dreams, Stewardship